Special Amenities & Service

Experience the irresistible delights of home with southern food from Ms. B's M & M Soul Food Restaurant in Inglewood, California. Our service is intimate with our dishes representing the finest flavors of the South.

You’re Home

Enjoy southern hospitality in California! We offer the same Southern Hospitality just as if you were in your Grandmother's Kitchen. Our quaint restaurant seats 65 people with 12 outdoor seating areas, and it is the perfect spot for an intimate dining experience. or just between old or new friends. We have entertaining two-piece bands that play jazz and gospel, and offer free Wi-Fi to our customers. Our chandeliers provide a romantic setting, while our walls display the famous people who frequent our restaurant. Our friendly M&M staff are pictured on the wall, as well. 

We invite you to dine with use and are pleased to serve you ; ).

Unmatched Service

It is our mission to make you have an experience just as if you were in the South. Our restaurant is the perfect environment for the everyday customer, the first date, the 100th date, the friend gathering, groups and families.  We welcome those just driving by.  We are close to major bus stops that arrive directly in front of our restaurant, making it easy to find us and we are Diagonally across the street from the World Famous Forum.

Our dishes range from $10 to $30, and we never use MSG or canned food. Enjoy these and the following services including:

• Drive-Thru Service, In-dining,
  & Outside Menu
• Waiter Service
• Outdoor Seating
• Delivery
• Catering
• Free Parking
• Takeout


Contact us to enjoy the comforts of home at our soul food restaurant in Inglewood, California.